Hlynur V Atlason leads his product innovation and design studio out of NYC. The Studio generates innovation and design solutions for almost all consumer facing business with a crew of world class strategists, innovators, designers and engineers. Its client base ranges from early stage start-ups, some of the most recognized brands in the furniture industry though to world leading multi-national corporations.

Design Innovation

Too often design innovation is presented without regard to how exactly things will be made and at what cost. What sets ATLASON/studio apart is solving for the very Achilles heel of the innovation world. We create solutions that satisfy your future products pipeline, that must work within the constraints of the business, manufacturing, time and speed.

We have a deep knowledgeable and understanding of how products are, and will be made. This method of approaching any product need has the Studio working with the very manufacturing teams and their set-ups in lock-step as the product is being designed and developed.

Every project we deliver, we deliver a plan for how it can be manufactured and the equally commercial importance and implications of both time and cost.


We deliver design solutions for a range of clients, from early stage start-ups, to some of the most recognized brands and world leading multi-national corporations.

On this site are a few samples of projects in industries we have experience working in. Below are our principles, commitments to our clients and colaborators.

Trust. Establish trust with the individuals, brands and businesses we are working with. Making sure we precisely understand their objectives. Not as a prescription for design, but that we understand their desired outcome, in the abstract. That we believe we are capable of meeting the outlined objectives. That our client trusts that we are capable, and the path we have outlined is the correct one to pursue. 

Empathy. We empathize with the consumer, can relate to and respect his/her needs. We are not better. Every problem is a serious problem. In parallel, we pay attention to and understand our client’s predicament, sometimes inside complex corporate structures. We seek to provide the right tools to help them navigate hurdles and ensure that the documents we provide can be easily understood at various stages of development and will prove helpful in formal and informal reviews. 

Learning. Studying manufacturing scenarios, technology, adjacent product categories, competitors, mega trends and anticipating changes in society, in our lives. Learning about every possible factor that may affect the project and contribute to a successful outcome. We research to uncover consumer insights, which inform our strategies, and in return inspire our solutions. 

Strategy. As a result of gathering materials and learning, when we feel ready, we seek to distill the data into simple thoughts that can be shared. Outlining possible approaches to achieving the outlined objectives in a strategy document that can stand on it’s own. Incorporated into a strategy, a prescription for manufacturing, marketing, design, cost and a number of factors that could be described as holistic in approach. This will go into a brief, outlining more specific design goals. Crucially, goals, which we can measure our innovation concepts against to assess how successfully they meet the intended criteria or commercial goals 

Creativity. When creating, we usually explore a number of design options. To A. shop the concepts internally, and B. to highlighting key design factors, to force decisions by our clients, in consumer trials. We present our design concepts with a high level of resolution, having thought through manufacturing processes in advance. We will have created CAD models, some times 3D prototypes, trying to eliminate surprises. We pride ourselves of presenting photo realistic images of our concepts that are almost indistinguishable from the final product, once in the market. 

Brand. Our understanding of branding is not limited to a two dimensional expression. But we see it as a sensory experience, one that should be consistently applied within the branded domain. And, that every action is mapped, intentional and designed to leave an impression.  That form, color, smell and sound leave powerful impressions that can work for or against brand objectives depending on strategy and execution.

Manufacturing. We design objects to be manufactured. Thus our knowledge of manufacturing scenarios is of utmost importance. In order to be successful in our work, we collaborate with supply chain experts and machine suppliers, source manufacturing options, even augment existing manufacturing capabilities if necessary. We visit facilities and talk to the people on the factory floor, to best understand limitations and identify opportunities for innovation. To share our design innovation intent and strategic objectives. 

Follow-up. We then obsess about whatever it takes to make sure everything is as impactful as possible to maximize it’s in-market success We set up consumer research, we commission and manage prototyping, we create conversation guides, we take notes, offer our perspective and guidance. We do product development with factories, insuring design intent is met. We are relentless about details. We provide creative direction for design press releases, create animations, posters, POS, packaging, activations.

Delivery. We deliver innovation solutions that can be manufactured. In doing so, conduct research and create strategy, physical prototypes, photo realistic renderings, blueprints, CAD data, research, planning,, animation, graphics. Creative direction and a vast network of professionals, collaborators and friends that open doors and share experiences.

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