Our job is to understand human behavior, motivations and attitudes towards objects. We attempt to make lives more pleasant, simpler, safer, to make things easy to understand, even mapping out operations that take place without thinking at all… ultimately to interpret human emotions into shapes and features. This is a great job, one we do with passion. We approach every project as though it will be a design classic of the future, the one that will reach all the way into people’s hearts.

Every project is a new quest, with new possibilities and aspirations. We have created multiple products in various industries. This has inspired us to create a process heavily focused on research and experimentation. To approach the assignment with curiosity, to first ask questions and seek understanding before offering solutions and rejecting or embracing the current norms.

When developing dimensional objects we stay cognizant of the limitations we need to work within, from manufacturing techniques to materials, budgets or brands. Through physical experimentation at our studio, through 3D printing and detailed prototyping, testing, sourcing and thinking. We continue to create, evaluate and eliminate options until we arrive at the desired solution.


Hlynur V. Atlason started his NYC design practice in 2004 as a “young designer to look out for” according to Wallpaper Magazine (which was really happening at the time). As the projects have grown larger in scope, Hlynur has surrounded himself with talented passionate people from diverse cultures, with unique skill-sets, people that share his passion for design. wikipedia

“We are lucky to be working in a place that attracts exceptional people aspiring to do great things. Where cultures meet and diverse backgrounds contribute to a greater understanding of the human condition.”

Working together

What makes product design such an exciting field is that projects vary and cannot be boxed into neat categories. We are ultimately a group of people devoted to our work. We have created a methodology, a culture that insures unique outcomes regardless of the task.

Our clients include multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and L’Oreal where we have partnered in the capacity of product innovation, packaging and device design. In contrast we work with The Museum of Modern Art on products for the MoMA store and Umbra developing home products.

We are always open to having a conversation.

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