Hennepin made neena pendant
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NEE 700 00 01 White Crystalcopy 800x
White & Crystal
NEE 600 00 05 Black Smokecopy 800x
Black & Smoke
NEE 700 00 07 White Opaline Whitecopy 800x
White & White
NEE 600 00 01 Black Crystalcopy 800x
Black & Crystal
NEE 800 00 03 Mica Bronzecopy 800x
Mica & Crystal
NEE 600 00 07 Black Opaline Whitecopy 800x
Black & White

The Neena pendant is declined in colorways that combine crystal clear, opaline white, bronze, or smoke glass with five shades of spinned metal. To create the pendant, the weight and thickness of the glass require genuine craftsmanship that is visible in each blown glass component.

Atlason correspondingly focused on emphasizing the sustainability of the fixture; designed for LED lightbulbs that are energy-efficient and long-lasting, the lamp components can also be easily separated into their respective material categories to be recycled.

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Pendant assembly.

IMG 0325

Each glass piece is hand blown and thus subtly different.

The Neena pendant is strong when it stands on its own, as a singular drop of light in a room, and it can also be used as an element in a more extensive grouping, or as a chandelier. This versatility has led the lighting element to be specified in both residential and contract environments.

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Vertical arrangements.

Screen Shot 2022 01 14 at 21 25 47

Linear arrangements.

Screen Shot 2022 01 14 at 21 26 09

Centerpiece arrangements.

Neena Parallel Cafe 0065

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hennepin Made is a glass artisan studio known for its sustainable and transformative pieces. Atlason designed the Neena Pendant for the brand with minimalism in mind, and while simple, the design allows the quality and craftsmanship of Hennepin Made to shine through.

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