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The Lína Swivel Chair was ATLASON's first launch with DWR and continues to drive the success of the collection.

Color Composition

Available in a variety of fabrics and colors to fit seamlessly in some environment and give character to others.

The sculptural form of the chair was developed through extensive CAD work and prototyping, culminating in a full scale 3D print that was upholstered and tested before committing to final tooling.

3 D Print

Full scale 3D print during prototyping.

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DWR communications, using Mr. Atlason for scale.

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Classic black leather.

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Moody velvet.

After the successful launch of the Lína Swivel Chair in 2018, ATLASON created the Lína Swivel Dining Chair, a more compact seat option for arranging around a table. The articulated shape and infinitely curving line that flows through the design create the illusion of an even smaller chair, when in actuality, the seat is exceptionally generous with space and supremely comfortable.

Swivel Dining Chair Sketch 2 copy

Translating the original chair into a comfortable, more petit dining chair.

W DWR 2517047 100157138 coral v1 001

The dining chair provides superior comfort for long dinners and longer conversations.

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The sofa is a translation of the lounge chair, keeping the soft flowing curves. No, it does not swivel.

The most recent addition to the collection is the Lína sofa. Here, once again, the molded foam is intelligently sculpted over a metal skeleton, focusing on giving shape and structure to the sofa, while maintaining comfort at the center of the design.

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PD 2517046 ENV4
G DWR 2516930 100153775 hunter v2 001

The magic of the Lína line for Design Within Reach is that it can be dressed up or down depending on the environment; whether as a lounge chair at home, as a dining seat at a restaurant, or a sofa for 2, 3, 4...

The Lína Swivel Chair is designed to feel at home in residential, as well as contract environments. And depending on context can be dressed up or down. The collection is characterized by sculptural form consisting of soft curves, packaged in a compressed footprint. Yet, delivering superior comfort through a tailored approach to upholstering and molded foam construction.

Lína for DWR
Furniture Design