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L.Ercolani, which has been around since the early 1900s and is one of the only remaining UK-based furniture producers manufacturing out of the UK, has an archive of design classics which remain just as relevant today as they did when first designed.

Acknowledging its original design tenets, Atlason has taken the ‘427’ chair frame and intelligently refined it. “We created a channel to ‘snap in’ the straps supporting the upholstery. From the outside there is no hardware, there’s a lot more depth than the upholstery suggests. The chair looks very simple as a result [though] we spent a lot of energy figuring this out.”

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Forms and compositions are declined in 5 distinct formats...

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...that come together in endless combinations to suit the space and intended use.

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The L.Ercolani collection consists of five products that can be endlessly reconfigured, playfully visualized in graphical representations of these unlimited arrangements.

The depth of the seats enhances comfort, along with the intentional shaping of cushions, which look think thanks to a pinched and sculpted edges, but in reality, are thicker than they appear.

Fitting for workspace environments, lounges, as well as a residential spaces, the collection offers a sense of warmth in its material palette and oversized proportions, with the frame providing sophisticated lightness throughout the pieces.

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The VON bench, designed for Ercol.

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To achieve smooth round edges, the pillow construction requires precise, patient hand-work at the L.Ercolani factory.

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Von Armchair
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Von Bench

When asked about the tension inherent in redesigning a classic into a new original, Atlason says: “I think now, nobody is writing an original song. It’s all based on something else. So there is some tradition or foundation that we are working on.” The same goes for design, he says. It’s whether you acknowledge it or not that really matters. The VON remains, a perfect case in point.

VON Poster
VON Tote

VON is a modular system of seating, benching and table units, designed to bring what we love about our homes into the professional environment. With its generously wide proportions, the focus remains firmly on comfort and achieving a sense of breathing space between users, no matter the configuration of elements.

VON for L.Ercolani
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