Woman holding Billie Razor blade

We collaborate with nascent DTC brands like Billie to launch products that have the ability to disrupt product categories and bring consumer, and investor, attention.

We design objects of desire with circularity in mind.

Our goal is to guide clients towards a sustainable, circular economy, while developing emotive, responsive products that can disrupt the status quo.

Over the last decade, the way we encounter and interact with new products has changed dramatically.

Drinkware product design by Atlason

Rethinking the way that everyday objects interact with one another, we strive to bring moments of joy through product innovation and own-able features.

Traditional advertising and packages on shelves have been replaced with screens, online reviews and recommendations from people we trust.
In this new reality we don’t search for products. Instead, products find us.

Spoon utensil from Our Place Perfect Pot

A new generation of consumers expects more from the products they buy.

For them, there is no such thing as a generic or un-designed object: they have higher expectations of both functionality and aesthetics.

Story-telling and offering a complete experience is fast becoming more important in this context, often across multiple platforms. In turn, this gives designers room to further innovate and demonstrate the concepts behind our work.

Walnut Cutting Board by Atlason for Our Place

In the kitchen, we reimagined the utility of the cutting board, intentionally carving out features to catch juices and facilitate handling from prep to table.

Today, it is no longer possible to appeal to everyone with a single product.

At the same time, there is more data and immediate access to people than ever before.

In this new landscape, it is vital to understand, connect with and engage specific audiences, and to communicate with the right voice.

We enable young companies to define their product design ethos in order to make these emotional connections, and create the design icons of the future.

Salt & Pepper Shakers by Atlason for MoMA Design Store
Change is the catalyst for design. There is always a moment or an epiphany that something needs to change, improve or will need to evolve. That’s where design is relevant. First, by creating the vision of a better reality, and then by implementing that reality.
Billie Razor Ergonomic Product Design by Atlason

The Billie razor was designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. A minimalist form with intentionally discrete material touchpoints, it brings newness and a fresh look to the category of women shavers.

Throughout each phase of the design process, ATLASON ensured that every detail received the utmost attention and scrutiny. 
They helped Billie bring innovation to the shaving category with tremendous forward thinking designs which have been embraced and loved by our customers.
Jason Bravman & Georgina Gooley

Co-founders of Billie

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