Back Corner Detail Black on Tan
Back Corner Detail Black on Tan
Front Detail Black

The Pastille collection is driven by the visual language of a low, floating seating area, without the discomfort and inaccessibility of having a low seating surface. The exploratory exercise focused on maintaining the horizontal proportions while building out an array of configurations in the family. From a two-seater sofa to a sectional, from a lounge chair to an ottoman, cushion proportions are given priority in order to maintain the same design language across the collection.

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DWR 2544355 100328334 prone timbre a copy
DWR 2544355 100328334 prone timbre p

Focused on proportions, Pastille offers a higher seat without the need for a massive deck or spindly legs. Forms coming together in cantilevered compositions further emphasize the impression of a floating architecture. Above all, Pastille balances visual comfort with substance: a precise cushion architecture was devised to offer a comfortable seat that gives the impression of sinking in without making it hard to stand up again.

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Pastille Sofa Pink Upholstery Armrest Detail

Sturdy arms can be grabbed for support while standing.

Pastille Sofa DWR Blue Upholstery

Pastille shapes come together in intentional, cantilevered compositions. Creating fine shadows that emphasize the connection between cushion, and details of the tailored upholstery.

Pastille Ottoman DWR Olive Green Leather

Down toppers provide comfort on initial contact, without sinking too far into the cushions.

DWR 2544255 100328361 shell d1

The layered architecture of upholstered shapes coming together with softness and intention offer 360 degree comfort, and every seam is finished with a single-needle top-stitch, bringing sophistication and sharpness to the overall composition.

Pastil Three Seater Prone Vine Leather
Pastil Chair and Three Seater Beck Buckram a

The Pastille collection is an exclusive collection designed for DWR, with configurations that expand from a lounge chair through to a sectional. Responding to a brief for a sofa program with proportions for easier sit-to-stand transitions, the collection has a modern appeal that can be extensively adjusted to taste through the color and material of the fully-upholstered pieces.

Pastille for DWR
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