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Stitch detailing on the Risa Recliner, designed for DWR.

Does the world need more furniture? 
In short, no. It needs better furniture. 
All design has to deal with paradoxes, conundrums, and conflicting requirements, and, at heart, the studio has a particular fondness and enthusiasm for furniture.

Furniture is constantly moving forward with us as a society. It supports our bodies through a shifting and evolving series of work and leisure activities.

As we continue to learn more about our own physical and mental wellbeing, our furniture should be able to keep pace.

As furniture designers, we are always examining these social and cultural changes to see where we can make improvements.

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DWR Recliner Sketch 14

Swivel and stretch — Vala delivers the versatility and extreme comfort of a reclining, swiveling chair, in an attractive form that occupies the least amount of visual space possible.

We engage in thorough research and apply methods honed by industrial-design thinking to the furniture we create.

This enables us to develop specific solutions depending on human need and context, from everyday work and life scenarios to emerging activities like gaming or meditation.

Along the way, we also interpret briefs for versatility of context in order to design products with crossover utility.


Refined reclining — with its sculptural cast-aluminum frame surrounding a beautifully proportioned seat, this comfortable three-position recliner makes you feel like you're floating.


As designers who care about environmental impact, the paradox of making new furniture is one we wrestle with every day.

Our responsibility has extended into designing furniture that is both beautiful and adaptive. It is a product of whole-cycle thinking that utilizes sustainable alternatives to common materials, advanced methods and new technology.

Von Armchair

The VON armchair in an elegant residential setting.

Chairs are one of the world’s most fundamental design objects. Every day we throw ourselves down on a series of different chairs without thinking about it, from the subway seat to the ergonomic office chair to the barstool or dining chair in a restaurant. We just trust that they will support our weight.

Some tend to think furniture is stagnant from a design perspective and driven primarily by aesthetics or color trends. However, we are excited about furniture and its possibilities.

We are eager to bring innovation to an overlooked segment by applying the same thinking we bring to industrial projects to furniture to develop new perspectives.

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An all-around beauty, the unexpectedly compact Lína Swivel Dining Chair can rotate a full 360 degrees. Its gently curving profile envelops the user, while its tailored seams add a gentle textural pattern to its front, sides, and back.

The Lína swivel lounge chair - with its graceful sweeping lines, beautifully tailored seams, and perfect fit for either residential or contract settings - demonstrates what’s possible when DWR partners with designers of the highest caliber.

Atlason studio deftly tackled complex engineering challenges, while creating a captivating aesthetic with every detail carefully considered. From preliminary review of design briefs, to final prototyping, Hlynur and team were an absolute pleasure to work with.
Noah Schwarz
Creative Director, MillerKnoll

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