Perfect Pot in Steam by Atlason for Our Place
Perfect Pot in Steam by Atlason for Our Place

The Perfect Pot was Our Place's biggest launch after their hero product – The Always Pan – came out a year and a half prior.

Working with a palette of intentional materials and a carefully curated color selection, the products designed for Our Place aim to disrupt the kitchenware industry, bringing a fresh perspective on innovation, functionality and ease-of-use to product categories that were often overlooked in the past.

Spoon utensil from Our Place Perfect Pot

A slender, comfortable handle, and a head ideally sized for scooping, tasting, stirring – the Perfect Pot's spoon was designed to marry with the curves of the cooking vessel as it sits by its side.

Roasting rack for Perfect Pot by Atlason for Our Place

For the Perfect Pot, we designed a graphic roasting rack made of cast aluminum and coated in the same ceramic non-stick coating as the Our Place cookware.

Following in the footsteps of the brand's Internet-famous Always Pan, the products we imagined for Our Place are intentionally developed for a maximum variety of use cases. Bringing joy and delight to all steps of the cooking experience.

Made of cast aluminum, which allows for fast and even heat propagation as well as a superlight piece of cooking equipment, the Pot (like the Pan) bears a non-stick ceramic coating proprietary to Our Place, and comes in a variety of trendy color-ways. As key accessories, the Pot is sold with a deep-headed beechwood spoon, featuring stabilizing notches to rest steadily on the cookware's handles, as well as a circular non-stick coated roasting rack that can occasionally double as a steamer.

Walnut Cutting Board by Atlason for Our Place

We elevated the functionality of a presentable walnut cutting board with carved out borders that facilitate lifting and carrying, and emphasized the side of the board dedicated to prepping with an elegant juice trench that catches liquids for an easy pour out (or into a glass!)

The Perfect Pot project centered around the definition of a design language for Our Place, taking details from the DTC brand's hero product – the Always Pan – and applying them to new forms, while rethinking the utility of individual kitchen items and accessories.

Following on this journey, ATLASON worked as strategic thought partner with Our Place, helping to define the vision for future launch opportunities and product positioning.

Spout of Perfect Pot in Spice by Atlason for Our Place
Perfect Pot flipping plate

Intentional details carry over from product to product. Creating a cohesive family of products.

Beyond the Perfect Pot and cookware accessories that continue to multiply the ways in which the pan and pot can be used every day, the ATLASON and Our Place collaboration has focused on rethinking the tools needed to prep, serve and store ingredients while in the kitchen.

ATLASON Our Place Ovenware in Spice
Tableware Carafe Sunrise 1 950x
Silicone Grips Our Place Sage
Fry Deck Char 1 950x

Ovenware, drinkware, cookware accessories. The Our Place product assortment offers fun, elevated vessels & utensils to brighten up the kitchen and accompany changing user behaviours around meal prep and curated talescapes.

With Our Place existing primarily within the online space, and considering how online products have the capacity to live a narrative of their own, our design work with the team particularly focused on highlighting the features that could be could be brought to life and emphasized through online story-telling, performative and interactive videos, gifs and curated tablescapes.

Our Place is a digitally-native consumer brand that delivers kitchen essentials and reimagined cookware to consumers freshly adventuring with cooking, or looking to rediscover moments of joy in the kitchen.

Our Place approached ATLASON, as they were looking to expand their product assortment within and beyond the cookware category.

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