Stella Artois beer bottle design by Atlason a New York industrial design firm
Stella Artois aluminum bottle design by Atlason
Stella Artois aluminum bottle advertisement

The project brought innovation to the aluminum beer bottle landscape by applying methods found in the manufacturing of hairspray bottles, in order to achieve a slender silhouette and high fidelity finishing. Saving the Stella Artois team valuable time and investment in the process by using existing equipment and shaping methods.

The Open for Good aluminum bottle is a starting point to thinking differently about the opportunities we have as a society for closing the loop on material lifecycles. For beer packaging, this project is a successful case study in designing desirable products that belong in environments that facilitate the recapturing of materials. Giving Stella Artois an opportunity to show up in a stand-out design, with positive impact at its heart.

Atlason design process graphic

As a starting point to the project, and in order to ensure a smooth go-to-market strategy, it was fundamental for Atlason to become fully familiar with the manufacturing tools and techniques at Stella Artois's disposal.

Touring the aluminum factory, we prompted expert engineers with hypotheses around form factors in order to understand cost drivers, as well as design restrictions built in by the already available machinery, tools, and processes used in adjacent industries such as beauty and personal care. As well as mapping out the restrictions posed by filling lines, which the bottle would later go through before reaching end consumers.

Tools in Factory
Atlason team visits factory

Atlason worked with the premium beer brand to develop a shapely and sustainable aluminum bottle. In addition to the infinite recyclability of aluminum, the bottle optimally lends itself to places where glass isn't allowed – namely swimming pools, rooftops, stadiums and concert venues – and which typically offer opportunities for recapturing material through dedicated disposal and drop off points.

Aluminum Bottle for Stella Artois
Stella Artois
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