Secondary packaging innovation for Stella Artois, launched as a pilot program in the UK to gauge consumer appetite ahead of capital expenditure on factory floors worldwide.

Packaging is an evolving art form.

Structural packaging can get in the way — or it can make your experience of a product better, well rounded and satisfying.

The truth is, a lot of packaging is generic. It might be a vehicle for the brand, but it isn’t an expression of the brand.

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A sustainable and operationally efficient packaging system for houseplant DTC startup The Sill. Designed to optimize the unboxing experience and ensure the safe journey of plants to their new parents.

For traditional products, this was usually enough — Coca Cola and Pepsi, for example, have always been sold in the same aluminum can.

However, times have changed. There has been a fundamental shift in context: packaging no longer functions as a small-scale billboard on a shelf, but exists in multiple dimensions.

People are shopping online more often than visiting stores. The new challenge for packaging design is structural integrity during shipping, a more intentional unboxing experience at home, and materials that minimize waste or are recyclable.

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We work with our clients to maximize what packaging can do. From beverages to beauty, direct-to-consumer and on shelf.

We believe that structural packaging is an under-utilized way to connect with an audience, and one that many brands don’t fully grasp or develop.

Innovative packaging has the ability to sit at the very core of the consumer experience as people not only see it on- and off-line, but physically interact with it.
The opportunity to create moments of surprise or delight offers a clear competitive advantage.

Don Julio 1942 Tequila in Billions 2 BLWH

We push the boundaries of packaging to design iconic forms that respond to unique occasions. And can withstand the test of time. The Don Julio 1942 bottle was designed in partnership with Landor.


Packaging generates huge amounts of material waste — so it also offers the largest opportunities for improvement.

How we come into contact with and consume goods is now under review, not only by the public but increasingly under national and international regulatory frameworks.

Our design effort is integrally connected to the processes and professionals tasked with the many aspects of bringing products to market. When we collaborate with them, we are keenly aware of what takes place at every stage — from materials, to machinery, to delivery methods. This is where we can be the most effective in reaching our sustainability objectives.

We aim to enable our clients’ journey towards circularity, while acknowledging that for many, this is a long-term project.

However, the path there is similar to any design brief: an iterative process of building and testing solutions.

Sustainability is a challenge that we have been thinking about for a long time. Our knowledge of manufacturing and supply chain, in addition to understanding consumer preferences makes us well suited to work with companies to create environmentally sophisticated solutions. We have developed expertise in the area and are working with clients already, prototyping solutions with good results.
Hlynur V. Atlason
Founder & Creative Director
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We analyze complex assortments to find efficiencies in packaging operations. Streamlining and optimizing the use of individual components in order to reduce the overall amount of packaging, prioritizing natural materials that end up in a single recycling stream.

ATLASON is our strategic innovation partner for structural packaging. In an environment dependent on highly optimized packaging formats, it is a challenge to innovate without incurring high costs. They have managed to translate our business objectives into elegant consumer solutions, designed for manufacturing, and pushing the boundaries of our manufacturing ecosystem.
Catherine Yin

Global Innovation Manager, AB InBev

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