Risa Recliner Closed Side View
Detail of Headrest of Risa Recliner
Detail of Arm of Risa Recliner
Risa Recliner Closed

Bringing luxurious sophistication to the recliner category, the Risa Recliner celebrates the mechanical details that support its key features. Designed for DWR and locally manufactured in North Carolina, the Risa is an application of utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Risa Recliner Half Open

Sketching around the Risa, we specifically explored ways of bringing sophistication to upholstery in a way that would best envelope the mechanism as part of the overall composition and design.

For example, instead of covering the instrument that links seat to footrest, the design celebrates the structure as it comes in conversation with the aluminum frame, emphasizing the floating form as it stretches open.

Seamlessly gliding from upright to a fully reclined position, the engineered interior suspends and cradles the body.

Risa Recliner Closed Side View
Risa Recliner Side View Half Open
Risa Recliner Open Side View
Sketch of Risa Recliner padding

Thinking through cushion construction to accentuate form and comfort.

Sketch of Risa Recliner Side View
Sketch of Risa Recliner Half Open
Arm Detail

3D printing a section of the aluminum frame reveals the almond shape profile that works to lighten the visual heft of the structure that surrounds the seat.

Designed for DWR over a two-year process – from skecthing to full scale prototypes – the Risa uses high quality materials, tooling and engineering to achieve a comfortable and sophisticated recliner.

Whatever gets you there, meditation or a Martini (or both), the Risa reclined is designed to give you the desired comfort and visual stimulation.

Risa for DWR
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