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Shaving companies have always been created for men, which may explain why we're still overpaying for women's razors and referred to as goddesses for shaving. Billie is a company seeking to remedy this injustice, by offering direct to consumer subscription razors at Our industrial design contribution is a simple, ergonomic razor in appealing colors.

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We designed the Billie Razor with younger women in mind. Through appealing colors, comfortable ergonomics and minimal design details, the Billie razor fits seamlessly in modern bathroom environments. To bring an additional touch of surprise to the launch of the new product, we imagined a clever holder that glues directly onto any surface and is integrated with a magnet that secures the razor in place. Replacing traditional suction cups that accumulate gunk and so often slide off.

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We collaborated with Billie to help launch a product with the ability to disrupt the shaving category. Bringing innovation and a fresh perspective to women's shavers with an ergonomic form and intentional material touch-points for a more modern accessory in the bathroom.

Ergonomic Razor for Billie
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