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Providing a practical roadmap for change, our sustainability audit strives to understand your business, objectives and consumer context, in order to create an actionable plan for sustainable change in the short and long term.

Requiring minimal client input, Atlason conducts a rigorous review of current practices and provides a set of actionable recommendations for more sustainable sourcing, manufacture and distribution of product / packaging.


Key Deliverables

Based on your ambition, this audit can apply to either a specific part of your business or the whole organization. Investigating your supply chain, capabilities and manufacturing eco-system - inclusive of limitations - and conducting analysis of current materials, we produce a set of documents reporting the following:

1. Rudimentary definition and rationale of an impactful solution or solution set.

2. The broad costings of execution.

3. Execution timeframe and key milestones.

4. Critically, the commercial and consumer benefit.

5. What the first 100 days of undertaking a given solution would entail and achieve.

Product Design: best selling products with circularity in mind

Our goal is to guide clients towards a sustainable, circular economy while creating beautiful, disruptive, best selling products. Our challenge is to create balance between desirability, profitability and sustainability.

Having aligned around your brief and business objectives, we establish a design strategy and supply chain plan for your product. Translating our objectives into material, form and features, we develop our hypothesis from sketches to photorealistic renderings and animations. And produce tangible prototypes and 3D prints to test and evaluate.

At various stages of the process, we engage with category experts and consumers for context and feedback. And as part of our design offering, we put emphasis on the plan for disassembly, reuse, recycling, composting or refurbishment, offering clarity around what is expected of the product, its optimal usage and disposal.



– Design visualization presentations

– Low to high fidelity prototyping

– Delivery of CAD design intent for manufacturing

– Liaising with manufacturing partners

– Bill of materials and finishes

– End of Life plan

Package Design: maximizing utility and increasing brand value

As a predominantly disposable item, product packaging presents the greatest opportunities and challenges for sustainable design and production. Mapping out every interaction in the user engagement, we optimize existing and create new formats for primary and secondary structural packaging in direct-to-consumer and physical retail packaging.


With expertise in modes of manufacturing, mapping out supply chain, processes and automation, we explore our packaging concepts through an iterative development; from sketches, to photo realistic renderings and animations, through rapid prototypes and 3D prints or die-lines. We then deliver a plan to integrate leading edge materials and technologies to minimize environmental impact.

Every step of the supply chain is mapped out, designed for efficiencies and circularity. The goal is to leverage short-term materials as well as manufacturing and recycling technologies to create long-term sustainability.


Key considerations

— Iconic brand features and rituals

— Intuitive to use; store, open, dispense, re-fill.

— Easy to communicate over e-commerce (DTC channels)

— Adaptability of concept to other branded formats and future SKU's

— Material and finish considerations

— Manufacturing and other practical restrictions

Materials + Manufacture Planning: optimizing design and reducing environmental impact

In everything we create, our primary task is to ensure it can be crafted at scale to the highest design and production standards. So we look up and down the supply chain and consider the ‘before, during and after’ of the complete production process, finding efficiencies and opportunities.


We devise short and long term solutions, optimizing design and minimizing environmental impact. In a fast evolving world, we keep up to date with emerging materials, manufacturing, sorting and recycling technologies and know when it’s the right time to transition to more sophisticated sustainable sources.

Working as comfortably with your suppliers or connecting you with new sources, we make sure the results deliver on objectives and strategy. Our team also conducts factory visits, production sample reviews and quality inspections.


We work through the entire process with our clients, until product / package arrives in the hands of the end consumer.

Design for circularity means creating products and packaging with sustainability at the heart of the process; considering materials, sourcing, energy and distribution, keeping valuable resources in circulation instead of disposing of them.

To help our clients and industries transition to more sustainable design and manufacturing, ATLASON is constantly exploring and developing our tools and practices.

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