Victoria Butler

Victoria Butler Coat Rack designed by ATLASON Studio
before being painted or lacquered the Victoria Butler Coat Rack designed by ATLASON Studio

Victoria Butler Coat Rack

What appears to be a random construction is in fact a carefully composed arrangement of dowels that achieves maximum effectiveness for hanging and exceptional strength. 

The idea being, to create an object and an experience where the purpose is not so apparent at first sight but is very clear once in context of its use. One should be able to stand several feet away and throw a hat or a scarf on it and it will remain where intended.

The Victoria Butler Coat Rack is constructed from 19 individual hardwood dowels that are shaped on a five-axis CNC machine, navigated by a 3D cad drawing to fit together in perfect order. After construction, the rack is painted, and then coated with multiple layers of lacquer, much like a grand piano. 

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