Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach Lína Swivel Lounge Chair

The Lína Swivel Chair for Design Within Reach began with a desire to create a chair as one solid form. The result is both clean and complex, without a single straight line. Every surface is moving, and curves are continuously changing trajectory.

The chair can be described as a 'omnichannel' product as it should feel at home in many types of environments. The lines between home and work furniture are not as clear as they used to be. However, pieces designed for the home are not always created to withstand the abuse purposely designed contract furniture is specified to take. The Lína Swivel Chair is a high quality spec that is friendly and sculptural, and comfortably at home in a number of environments.

Using the latest technologies allowed us to create and refine a truly three-dimensional shape that is both visually nuanced and comfortable to sit in. Printing 3D rapid prototypes at 1:1 scale guaranteed that we went into tooling with a very precise geometry for molded foam.

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