Metropolis (February 2020)

Lína’s immaculate architectural profile reflects a return to formality in dining, adds Atlason. “After years of casual dining, perhaps there’s a clamor for getting dressed for dinner again—a little more ceremony, a little more ritual,” he suggests. Among his favorite features is Lína’s return feature, which automatically snaps the unit back into place. “Your table may be a mess, but the chairs around it will be super organized.”

Lina Swivel Chair

Esquire (September 2019)

There’s a chance you’ve sipped Don Julio 1942 tequila, sat in a Design Within Reach Lína chair—one of its best-selling pieces—or seen a Billie razor in your girlfriend’s shower. What do they all have in common?

They are partly the work of Hlynur Atlason, the Icelandic industrial designer whose eponymous firm is shaking up commercial design by bringing a level of functional beauty rarely seen in mass manufacturing, combined with an emphasis on sustainability.

Atlason Esquire
Atlason Fast Company

Fast Company (September 2019)

 “You can make a really snug space around the plant so you can be very space-efficient,” says Hlynur Atlason, founder and lead designer at Atlason, the studio that designed the new packaging. “Therefore, you use a lot less material. You’re not using any filler materials and you’re trying to tailor the box as close to the plant as possible.” The cardboard can be recycled; the small disk can be composted in a backyard.

Interior Design (May 2019)

Over three days, professionals and visitors had the opportunity to discover pop-ups and installations, and to attend workshops and talks. Around 100 showrooms were involved in the 2019 edition. Designed by Icelandic designer Hlynur V. Atlason (based in New York) for British furniture maker ercol, the VON collection of chairs, benches, and table units—inspired by the 427 Chair by Lucian Ercolani, which was originally launched in 1956—can be used in both domestic and commercial spaces. A new stool was presented at Clerkenwell Design Week.

Atlason Interior Design Magazine
Atlason Nordic Style

Nordic Style Magazine (April 2019)

"A home should be personal, in my opinion. Curated with things you like, that have a meaning for you. For me, that’s a collection of artwork; artifacts and large scale photographs from friends mixed with acquired objects or the occasional prototype from the studio. Things that one can’t order online, let’s say. So, if you are into objects, then each activity, each moment becomes more special, when you are at home."

Azure Magazine (April 2019)

Part of a large modular system that includes seating, benching and tables, the Von armchair and workchair by Hlynur V. Atlason, are a revisit on Lucian Ercolani’s 427 chair, originally designed in 1956 from the British brand’s archives.

Atlason Azure
Atlason Design Milk

Design Milk (February 2019)

Friday Five with Hlynur Atlason

1. The Pen (Mont Blanc Meisterstuck)

2. The Briefcase (YSL)

3. The Coffee (Breville Expresso Machine)

4. The Motorcycles (Moto Guzzi 1000s)

5. The Hospital (Hospital for Special Surgery)

Metropolis (December 2018)

Scandinavian design has been experiencing a rather lengthy “moment,” from its association with midcentury Modernism and subsequent popularization via manufacturers like IKEA. But slowly, designers are making small but product-defining alterations to the usual Nordic formula, introducing self-deprecating asymmetries and coyly proportioned components that seem to poke fun at hackneyed minimalism. The result? A self-conscious generation of furniture pieces that feel familiar but demand further visual inspection.

Atlason Metropolis
Atlason Surface Magazine

Surface Magazine (September 2018)

Lína began with Atlason’s desire to create a chair with no straight lines from a single, solid form. The New York–based designer’s hands-on approach meant that, to perfect the look and feel of his undulating piece, he and his team 3D-printed (and even upholstered) a full-size version of the chair. The method allowed them to sculpt Lína’s curves just so; once perfected, the prototype was used to make the mold from which future iterations would be made. The compact, understated seat earns the most points in comfort: Sitting in it is akin to receiving a giant, gentle hug. 

Atlason Interior Design Magazine

Interior Design (September 2018)

Designer: Hlynur V. Atlason for Ercol

Product: Von

Standout: The Atlason Studio founder adapted a 1956 archival design into painted ash chairs with one, two, or no arms that gang together to form communal seating.

Metropolis (June 2018)

The first time I saw the Moto Guzzi 1000S was in 2004, while working on a project at a photography studio in New York City. The motorcycle made a big impression on me, and would remain in the back of my mind for years to come. The 1000S represented a perfect balance of Italian design, mechanical refinement, masculinity, and performance. It was a meticulously organized pile of steel.

Atlason Metropolis
Atlason Indesign Live

Indesignlive (May 2018)

For VON, Atlason was commissioned to select one of founder Lucian Ercolani’s classics: he chose to launch the VON collection off Ercolani’s 1950s ‘427’ chair. Adapting the original design for a 2018 market, Atlason has infused new proportions as well as working and living scenarios into the chair. In so doing, he has ensured the sense of authenticity remains strong through a careful blending of the old with the new.

GQ (December 2014)

You need a doormat—specifically, one that says something more interesting than “There's a Home Depot nearby.” So you opt for Icelandic designer Hlynur Atlason's Above Home floor mat, which seems abstractly geometric until you realize that it's a bird's-eye view of a pool with a diving board. Which reminds you of the next item on your home-improvement to-do list: Get a pool.

Atlason GQ
Atlason Design Milk

Design Milk (February 2013)

Industrial designer Hlynur Atlason teamed up with Artecnica to develop Yorky, a quirky, animal-like lamp that can be placed in a variety of different positions.

Let it sit up on its “hind legs” and shine to the ceiling or tilt Yorky over for more focused task lighting. You can even hang him on the wall from his “leash.”

Atlason Fast Company

Fast Company (February 2013)

Hlynur Atlason’s first collaboration with Artecnica brings fun and physicality to the lighting field.

In terms of staying true to Artecnica’s sustainable vision, the item’s production included a few tweaks to ensure easy and efficient delivery. “We had the choice of selling it completely assembled,” Artecnica artistic director Tahmineh Javanbakht tells Co.Design. “But we wanted to have a much smaller package to make for a greener product.” As such, Atlason split the Yorky in two separate pieces that are simple to put together when this sweet lil’ guy arrives on your doorstep.

The New York Times (February 2013)

As someone who has designed bath sets for companies like Kontextur and Umbra, he knows the value of a good dispenser for soap or hand-sanitizer, even if he doesn’t use one himself. (He does use soap, he reassured a reporter; he just prefers the bar form.)

Atlason The New York Times
Atlason Design Milk

Design Milk (November 2012)

Partnerships happen everyday in the design world and when it’s between a brilliant housewares company and one innovative designer, you have yourself a match made in design heaven. This happens to be the case when the New York-based Icelandic designer Hlynur Atlason recently teamed up with Umbra to create two new kitchen designs – Bento and Tricon.

Nordic Design (January 2012)

They are designed by acclaimed Icelandic designer Hlynur Atlason, who brings his superb talent for fusing strong organic shapes and beautiful detail with playfulness and functionality. The VIKTOR toothbrush/razor holders are an elegant solution to an age old sink dilemma.

Atlason Nordic Design
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